Open this year in October:

Open Days: 10/1/17 to 10/30/17

Open Hours: 11:00 am to 5:30 pm, every day of the week


Open Halloween day 10/31/17 from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm


662 Eucalyptus Road Nipomo, California 93444

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Prices are based on size. This is an approximate visual guide as compared to a standard soccer ball, actual prices may vary slightly. All pumpkins have their price marked at the patch.

Very, very large and above: $20.00 Sizes will vary, ranging approximately between the pictures shown here.

Nipomo Pumpkin patch smaller giant 20 Nipomo Pumpkin Patch giant larger 20


Very large: $15.00 Fifteen dollar carving pumpkin and decorative pumpkin shown.

Nipomo Pumpkin Patch carver 15 Nipomo Pumpkin patch ornamental 15


Large: $10.00 Ten dollar carving pumkin and decorative pumpkin shown.

Nipomo Pumpkin Patch carver 10Nipomo Ppumpkin Patch 2017


Medium: $5.00

Nipomo Pumpkin Patch ornamental 5



Small: $1

Nipomo Pumpkin Patch ornamental 2


Smallest: 2 for $1

Nipomo Pumpkin Patch ornamental 1




* Please note the larger of the very large pumpkins can be several hundred pounds and require a suitable truck or large backed sport utility vehicle to be taken home.

Giant Pumpkin From the Nipomo Pumpkin Patch

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