Large Pumpkins


Blocky round pumpkins with slightly russeted, deep orange color and tough green handles. (avg. 14-18 lb.), lighter orange, has a slender handle

Charisma Pumpkin

Tom Fox

A Halloween type with great handles.
Developed by New Hampshire farmer Tom Fox. The well-ribbed, medium-sized, avg. 12-20 lb., pumpkins have a deep orange color and fantastic handles: fat, long, dark green, and strong. The pumpkins are slightly smaller than Howden, and larger than Racer. They grow on long vines in a variety of shapes and are thick-walled and heavy for their size

Tom Fox Pumpkin


Early and heavy.
Medium-sized, avg. 12-20 lb. Upright-shaped with distinctive shoulder ribbing and slender, long, strong green handles. They ripen early to a solid, brilliant, deep orange color.

Rocket Pumpkin


Extra early, ribbed, dark orange.
Blocky, heavy, midsize pumpkin with a great-looking rib and big, dark green handle. Typical weight 12-16 lb.

Racer Pumpkin