Large to Very Large Pumpkins:


Typically 30 lbs. or more, well ribbed, with thick, medium length handle with an upright shape.

Champion Pumpkin

Big Doris

Big Doris has smooth, deep orange skin and average 30-40 lb. in weight.

Big Doris Pumpkin


Very thick, long, strong handles.
Howden-size (avg. 25 lb.) with huge handles. Distinctive, round pumpkins are deep orange with moderate rib. Thick flesh helps prevent flat-siding. Nice breeding work by Western New York farmer Chris Awald.

Wolf Pumpkin


The standard large pumpkin.
Developed by John Howden of Massachusetts in the early 1970s, it defined "the look" in big Halloween pumpkins -- deep orange color, defined ribs, and good handles. They vary in shape and weight, typically averaging in the mid 20s or larger.

Howden Pumpkin


A beauty in the Howden class.
Compared to Howden, Expert has a rounder, broader shape, typically sizes a little bigger, and is equal in deep orange color and big, dark green handles. Fruit weights average in the mid-20’s and larger

Expert Pumpkin

Howden Biggie

For extra large "real" pumpkins.
The standard for pumpkins over 30 lb., a percentage running over 40 lb. Shape is typically upright, though variable. Handles are usually thick and strong, but short.

Howden Biggie Pumpkin