Very Very Large Pumpkins

Dill's Atlantic Giant, 50 to 300 Lb

The world’s record for size-originator’s stock.
Huge pinkish or orange fruits for fall display. 50 to 100 pounders are commonly grown.

Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Prizewinner, 50 to 250 Lb

Best color "huge" type.
An Atlantic Giant type but maybe two-thirds the size and with brighter orange color. Earlier maturing, and looks more like a regular pumpkin.

Prizewinner Pumpkin

Wyatt's Wonder, 50 to 150 Lb

Wyatts Wonder Pumpkin
C. maxima 115 days. If you're looking for a prize-winning pumpkin, then Wyatt's Wonder is a ''wonderful'' choice. Under the right growing conditions, these pumpkins can grow over 200 pounds. What sets them apart from other large pumpkins is that they retain their bright orange color and round shape when other varieties fade and become misshapen. Allow ample room for the sprawling vines. Bred by Colen Wyatt.

Wyatt's Wonder