Special Pumpkins

Knuckle Head

Hefty fruit average 12-16 pounds with a well-proportioned, slightly elongated shape, 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. Superb models for carving. As they develop, their rind blisters up into an almost unbelievable, bumpy, warty terrain. The fruit ripen from forest green to a solid, deep orange.

Kunckle Head Pumpkin

Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon Pumpkin

The adorable, cheery fruit sport bone white rinds adorned with vivid orange in the grooves with a little green thrown in. 5 1/2 inch wide by 3 inch high, squat fruit. Lil' Pump-ke-mon brings its vibrant personality to your autumn decorations.

Lil' Pump-Ke_Mon Pumpkin


Medium to large, avg. 6-10 lb., drum-shaped fruit with heavy, rounded ribs and slate-gray skin. A most appealing squash for fall displays.

Jarrahdale Pumpkin

Speckled Hound

New! Orange with green splotches. Yellow-orange, thick, dense flesh with dry matter. Oblate shape with shallow ribbing. Avg. 3-6 lb.

Speckled Hound Pumpkin


Globe-shaped, 8 inch fruit weigh in at 8-12 pounds. Guaranteed conversation starter for table decorations or smaller jack-o-lanterns. As they develop, their rind blisters up into an almost unbelievable, bumpy, warty terrain. Even without carving, Super Freaks ™ give you more character in a pumpkin than imaginable. Add a face and you've got the ultimate, special effects jack-o-lantern!

Goosebumps Pumpkin

Marina Di Chioggia

Blistery, bubbled, slate blue-green rind. Avg. 6-12 lb. bumpy squashes make a wild yet subdued ornamental statement for fall.

Marina Di Chioggia

Red October

New! Ornamental. Red October bears uniform, bright red-orange fruit resembling hubbard squash.

Red October Pumpkin


Mottled appearance resembles a frog's skin. This new Asian hybrid is a mottled combination of green and orange with long, thin handles. A truly unusual coloration on the avg. 10-15 lb. fruit. Add something different to your display

Bliss Pumpkin

American Tondo

Old, Italian variety. At maturity, this beautiful ornamental pumpkin has deep orange skin with green stripes between the heavy ribs and weighs 6-14 lb. When the fruits are young and small, they are more of a two-tone speckled green. A relative newcomer to the U.S., American Tondo is a real standout.

American Tondo Pumpkin


Striped fruits, Eye-catching, medium-small, avg. 5-8 lb., black-striped pumpkins.

Kakai Pumpkin

Naples Long

Beautiful, very old, Italian heirloom. These large, peanut-shaped squash can weigh 20-25 lb. The skin is a deep green that turns tan in storage. Combine Naples Long with Musque de Provence, Kakai, or any of our other specialty pumpkins for an eye-catching display.

Naples Long Pumpkin

Red Warty Thing

Red Warty Thing

Pink Banana

Pink Banana